14 Great Polymer Clay Fridge Magnet Ideas

Polymer clay is a pliable, versatile, smooth textured medium that works well in many projects. One of the best uses for polymer clay is for decorative refrigerator magnets. This can be a great weekend project for yourself if you're feeling crafty, or it can be a fun way to spend time with your children. Plus, refrigerator magnets are a must! They spruce up a boring surface and can also hold important documents in a place you're sure to see them.

A few of the best things about polymer clay are that it's widely available, inexpensive, and can be cured or baked right in a home oven - no kiln necessary! This makes working with this type of clay accessible to everyone. It's not only great for refrigerator magnets but it can be used to make unique jewelry and wall hangings. Your imagination is the limit.

Check out our post about baking polymer clay to learn more about curing.

The only pitfall when it comes to polymer clay is that it can be difficult to manipulate into detailed sculptures. If the project you hope to complete needs to look lifelike or expressive, polymer clay isn't the best medium to use. That being said, if you have a mold with all the details, you can always squeeze the clay into the mold to get the intricacy you desire.

Now that we know more about polymer clay, let's discuss some ideas for those refrigerator magnets you'll soon be crafting!

Polymer clay fruits on different colored sticky notes, 15 Great Polymer Clay Fridge Magnet Ideas

1. We All Scream for Ice Cream

What better type of magnet to put on a refrigerator than some depicting popular foods? Everyone loves ice cream, and this kind doesn't melt! This ice cream magnet does have some details on the cone, so this would be a great place to use a mold to achieve that wonderful waffle cone look.

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2. A Fridge on Your Fridge

How cute is this tiny refrigerator? The design is quite simple, and if you feel like you aren't crafty enough to make the eyes, you can always grab googly eyes from a craft store or online. Plus, this design would only require two colors of polymer clay. Easy and no-nonsense, except for the silly little fridge on your fridge.

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3. I Mustache You a Question

A yellow sticky note with a mustache shaped polymer clay magnet

Who doesn't love a good mustache? This design is easy to make and uncomplicated. To get the texture in the mustache, you can use a mold or use a tool to add some dimension. You could even use the point of a pen or a paperclip if you don't have fancy clay working tools.

4. What's the buzz?

These cute little bees will have you smiling each time you visit the fridge. For these, you could just use a pizza or pastry cutter to cut some strips after rolling some clay out flat. Lay those over your bee bodies, add some googly eyes and wings, and voila!

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5. Honey-do list pro

A hammer polymer clay magnet attached to a redrigerator

This magnet would be perfect for hanging that honey-do list. If you fear your sculpting skills aren't up to par, there are plenty of molds featuring all kinds of different tools!

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6. Did You Check the Trunk?

Not only is this magnet cute, but it also has more than one use. Designed correctly, this adorable elephant's trunk will happily hold your pencil.

7. Healthy Fat

These avocado magnets are definitely something you can recreate at home. You just need a few shades of green and brown and to get those creative juices flowing.

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8. The Mushroom, of Course

Mushrooms just make a cute decoration no matter where you put them. These cute bi-color mushrooms won't get too complicated, and the added extra texture under the caps really brings them to life. You can pick your favorite colors and make them yours.

These magnets have a little bit of shine to them. Normally, polymer clay has a matte finish, but you can add a glaze to make them shiny, though it isn't necessary to increase the longevity of the magnet.

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9. Over the Rainbow

Simple and sweet, the rainbow is a classic. We all know the rainbow has specific colors, but when creating art, it can be whatever colors we want. Roy G. Biv, take a backseat.

10. Classic and Circular

Why not just make a circle or an oval and paint it however you want? That's the idea with these. If it's around Easter, make them egg-shaped, and you and the kids go to town decorating eggs that won't rot in the backyard.

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11. It's a Hoot

Though these owls are pictured with clips on their heads, this design can easily be used for a magnet. If you don't want to make the eyes, feel free to use some of those googly eyes you've purchased for other projects. These beautiful birds can be shiny or matte, or they can be whatever colors you want.

12. Fat Cats Love the Fridge

These kitties love napping on the refrigerator. This bulbous feline design can be done at home easily, and if you want the cat's colors to match your own precious pet, go for it! Paint them or leave them solid colors to make the project easier.

13. Penguin in Charge

What better creature to guard your freezer than a penguin? This cartoonish penguin would make a great addition to your magnet collection. It's not overly complicated, and it's completely okay if your proportions are a little bit off - it only makes it cuter.

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14. Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Feeling artsy and up for a challenge? These magnets are a little more difficult than many on our list, but it's undeniable how attractive they are. Some would definitely be easier than others, and it's only clay, not stone, so why not give it a shot? You might surprise yourself.

In Closing

When it comes to using polymer clay to craft your own refrigerator magnets, the sky is the limit. Use these pictures as inspiration to come up with your own design, or show us how you've created these exactly. No matter how you choose to create your fridge magnets, have fun doing it. Happy crafting!

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