15 Cool Polymer Clay Christmas Ornament Ideas

Christmas tree ornaments seem to come in all shapes and sizes. However, sometimes the ornaments available aren't quite what you are looking for. Consider making your own custom ornaments using polymer clay for those of you who have a specific kind of ornament in mind. The idea of making your own ornament may seem daunting, but with a couple of short tutorials, the process can be easier than you think.

Like traditional clay, polymer clay usually starts as a powder made from polymer polyvinyl chloride.  Polymer clay is an easy-to-use substitute for traditional clay, even though it contains no clay material. Polymer clay is available in all kinds of colors and doesn't require kiln firing to harden. Mica powders can even be added to your favorite colors to make metallic or pearl-colored clay for your projects.

Clay molding may take a bit of practice but can be done at home with ease. You can customize colors and designs to coordinate with your existing home decor. Along with Christmas tree ornaments, polymer clay can be used to craft a variety of decorative objects. We have searched multiple sources to bring you a diverse selection of polymer clay Christmas ornament ideas.

A Christmas ornament from clay, 15 Cool Polymer Clay Christmas Ornament Ideas

1. Owl be home for Christmas

Owl obsession is real. For those of you looking for owl-themed ornaments to adorn your Christmas tree, the owl ornaments pictured below may be just what you're looking for. Using bright or traditional colored polymer clay, you can make these owl ornaments to match your everyday home decor.

Cartoon clay owls

2. Seahorsing around the Christmas tree

Sea-inspired Christmas trees are a fun and unique idea. The colorful sea creatures pictured in the example below are the perfect combination of color and simplicity. You can make these seahorse ornaments in any combination of colors that will be perfect for your sea-inspired tree.

Seahorses made of polymer clay

3. Reindeer tree

Let Rudolph and his friends help you decorate your tree. Simple reindeer ornaments are fun and festive. As you can see in the example below, these clay ornaments don't have to be perfect to be adorable. These cute reindeer ornaments can be customized to all look a little different, giving your tree some added personality.

Polymer clay reindeer

4. Dear Santa frog

Bring some joy to the frog lover in your family with these Santa frog ornaments. These brightly colored frogs wearing Santa hats as pictured below are sure to stand out. For some added color to your tree, make the frogs out of every color in the rainbow. Frogs can be posed in different positions of jumping for some added fun.

Frogs with santa hat

5. There's gnome place like home for the holidays

Originally made popular by the wealthy class in Germany, gnomes have made their way into the hearts of people of all nationalities. Commonly displayed outdoors, gnomes are typically figurines depicting a dwarf-like person in a little red hat. Although gnomes are popular for use in gardens, a gnome Christmas tree is a uniquely festive idea. Watch the tutorial below to see how to craft these adorable little creatures.

6. Rose-colored Christmas

Although poinsettias are the most popular flower found around the holidays, roses would make quite a statement as Christmas tree decor. Soft and elegant, the rose sculptures pictured below would make beautiful decorations in your home any time of the year. Tying a strong string or wire to the rose sculptures is all that you would need to turn them into beautifully delicate Christmas ornaments.

Collage of a polymer clay jewel

7. Frosty the snowmen ornaments

One of the most iconic figures of Christmas time is Frosty the Snowman. Many Christmas traditions include a song and even a movie about this icon. A snowman-themed Christmas tree is the perfect way to pay homage to such an important figure at the best time of the year. Frosty can be accessorized in different hats and scarves for added personality.

Handmade snowmen Christmas decorations

8. Sweet tree

Who doesn't enjoy sweets around the holidays? Make your Christmas extra sweet with these dessert-inspired ornaments. Customize your pastry ornaments with cultural favorites for an extra special touch. Colorful and delicious-looking, the candy and pastry polymer clay ornaments pictured in the example below are sure to be a hit.

Collection of bright sweets made of plasticine

9. Gingerbread men ornaments

Another option in sweets for your tree is the ever-popular gingerbread man cookie. Reminiscent of grandma's kitchen around the holidays, gingerbread man cookies bring tradition and familiarity to your Christmas tree. The ornaments pictured below replicate the sweet treat for a classic look for your tree.

10. Cute cacti tree

The colorful cacti ornaments pictured in the example below are perfect for your desert Christmas. With their simple design, the cactus and other southwest decor have become hugely popular recently. Make these cactus ornaments your own with fun colors and designs.

11. Abstract art tree

For those who like to wander off of the beaten path, abstract ornaments may be just what you are looking for to complete your Christmas decor. This stained glass look is distinctly bold and beautiful. Using vibrant color and unique design combinations can add to the eccentric ambiance of this particular choice in Christmas ornaments.

Colorful female ornaments

12. Trees on trees

If you love the look of Christmas trees, these ornaments may be right for you.  A simple yet classic design, miniature versions of your tree may be the perfect decoration for you and your family. Using traditional Christmas colors, this ornament is traditional yet a bit ironically

Handmade decoration Christmas tree

13. Christmas gift ornaments

Perfect for the last-minute shopper, these miniature Christmas present ornaments will ensure that your tree has plenty of gift boxes to decorate your home. As we discussed with other ornaments, changing the colors and shapes of your gift boxes can add charm and character to your tree.

Handmade Christmas presents decoration

14. Snowflake tree

Make your own white Christmas by making snowflake ornaments to adorn your Christmas tree. Just as actual snowflakes are individually unique, your ornaments can have different designs and shapes to differentiate one from another.

15. Imprint polymer clay ornaments

Consider making imprinted clay ornaments from leaves, branches, or wildflowers for a more rustic look for your Christmas tree. By pressing objects into the wet clay you can make a silhouetted look that is perfect for country-themed spaces. Adding subtle colors or some sparkle with mica powder can give your tree a small amount of color to maintain the minimalistic look.

Final thoughts

As with other home decors, your Christmas tree should be representative of your family's tastes and style. There are thousands of ways to make your tree your own. Whether you decide to go with a themed tree or just want some ideas for making polymer clay ornaments, we hope the above selection has helped inspire you.

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