What Yarn To Choose For Punch Needle (And How To Match The Needle)?

Punch Needle projects are gaining in popularity, and you want to know the best type of yarn to use with it. Also, is there a specific type of needle to go with each weight of yarn, and how exactly do you match those? We've researched various punch needle projects to find the answer for you.

Here are recommended yarns for punch needlework:

  • 100% wool yarn
  • 3-ply wool yarn
  • Worsted wool yarn
  • Cotton yarns
  • Acrylic yarns

Let's look at each of these types of yarns and the best way to match punch needle to thread.

Colorful yarn with punch needles and white fabric on a wooden table, What Yarn To Choose For Punch Needle (And How To Match The Needle)?

Punch Needles And Thread

Punch needles come in regular and fine widths. Within each of those types are different lengths for creating different height loops on your design. Some of the most common sizes of regular needles are as follows:

  • #9 makes  3/8” / ca 1 cm tall loops
  • #10 makes 1/4” / ca 0,6 cm tall loops
  • #13 makes 3/16" / ca 0,5 cm tall loops
  • #14 makes 1/8" / 0,3 cm tall loops

Most experts suggest beginners start with the #10 needle as it is the most standard.

This is the #10 regular punch needle recommended for beginners. Find it here on Amazon.

The Right Size Thread For Your Needle

For regular size needles, one rule of thumb is that the wool can be as thick as your needle. If you're using fine worsted wool, then you'll want to either double or triple your wool or use the fine width needle.

Here's a set of 2 that includes the #10 and the #6 fine punch needles. Click here for this on Amazon.

Wool Yarns For Punch Needle

Wool thread is the gold standard for punch needlework. It holds up well and keeps its shape in the loops created by your punch needle. If you are making a rug or pillow that needs extra strength, consider a 3-ply wool yarn. If you want to use a finer thread, consider using worsted wool yarn.

This strong 4-ply 100% wool yarn is perfect for rug and pillow projects you might do with your punch needle. It comes in 30 different colors and skeins of 85 yards.

Click here for these wools on Amazon.

Worsted weight wool is narrower than your multi-ply yarns. If you want a more tightly knit hooked side of your needle punch project, consider this weight of wool.

These skeins come in 20 different shades of 110 yards. Click here for this on Amazon.

Cotton Yarns For Punch Needle

Cotton yarns will give you a more refined design than some of the bulkier wools. If you're going for artistry and are trying to paint a picture with your needlework, give this type of yarn a try.

Punch needle artisans highly recommend this Valdani Perle Cotton #8 size thread. With a gorgeous rainbow of hues, you can elevate your needlework beyond the kitsch to something genuinely artistic. This collection is aptly called The Monet Hues.

Click here to see it on Amazon.

These super-soft cotton milk yarns have a nice heft for punch needle projects. It's strong, durable, and has a nice shiny finish without being too slippery to make it hard to use. Each of the 16 skeins holds 75 yards of yarn.

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Acrylic Yarns For Punch Needle

Acrylic yarns are easy to find, inexpensive, and available in a whole array of colors and collections. They're also a perfectly acceptable choice for doing punch needlework and are probably an excellent choice for beginners.

This is a fantastic assortment of 20 different skeins of acrylic thread in a bright array of hues. Each skein holds 22 yards of yarn. This is a worsted weight mix.

Click here to see this on Amazon.

Some acrylic yarns come with a bit of metallic tinsel threading through the fibers. This bit of glitz looks super cool pulled through with a punch needle.

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How Does A Punch Needle Work?

A punch needle is a type of needle that is both needle and threader all in one. From one side of the fabric, the thread is punched through to the other, leaving a loop. This is different than a traditional needle where you loop up and then back through, creating flat stitches. Punch needles give your work the appearance of a hooked rug from one side. Some folks who do punch needlework, before the looped side, others prefer the flat backside. Either is beautiful.

You can find punch needle tools like this on Amazon.

What Type Of Cloth Is Used For Punch Needle?

To do punch needlework, you need a cloth that has a certain amount of tension. The best fabric is called monk's cloth, which is a 100% cotton even-weave fabric. Linen, bleached linen, and a material called rug warp are also good options for using with punch needles.

Monk's cloth will often come pre-cut with finished edges ready for your art projects. This package contains two pieces of 14" x 14" fabric suitable for use with a punch needle.

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Does Yarn Come With A Punch Needle Kit?

The great thing about buying kits for home sewing projects is the convenience of good directions and all the tools and supplies you need. Typically punch needle kits come with the yarn, punch needles, a pre-printed fabric, and directions. Many will often come with an embroidery hoop for display. There are kits for beginners, children, and more advanced punch needlers.

This beautiful floral punch needle kit comes with all the pieces you see here. When you're finished, you have an impressive floral design to share. Click here for this kit on Amazon.

This adorable panda punch needle kit comes with an embroidery hoop, yarn, monk's cloth, and an embroidery pen. This is an incredible gift for an animal-loving kid who loves handicrafts.

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Here's a comprehensive kit with five great designs to keep you busy punching for a while. This punch needle kit includes one yarn punch tool, two natural 11 by 11-inch monk's cloth, two no-slip 8.4-inch hoops, 15 colors eight-strand coarse yarn, five beautiful patterns, and a basic skill introduction of punch needle.

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Can I Punch Needle A Rug?

Punch needling is used for more than just embroidery. It can be used to make rugs, although there are a few differences. The needle used for punching rugs is slightly larger than the punch needle tool for embroidery. This is because the yarn needed for it is heavier. But the general concept is the same. Using a needle tool, you punch through your fabric to create loops on one side. We found a short video that gives a great illustration of the technique for rugs.

This needle punch tool for rugs is by the same company that provided the video above. Click here to see it on Amazon.

A Craft You'll Fall In Love With

Once you start working with a punch needle, you're not going to want to stop. The rhythm of the punch is mesmerizing. It's easy to lose yourself for hours working on your latest piece of embroidery. It can also be elevated beyond craft to a truly unique piece of artwork.

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