Can You Grind Glitter To Make It Finer?

Glitter has been used to accessorize, add texture, or provide additional flare when you're crafting. This flashy substance has been used for centuries within crafts or cosmetics. Working with extra or ultra-fine glitter gets you the most eye-catching sparkle. Are you currently working with a standard? Are you wondering if you can make this glitter finer at home? We gathered our research to show you how to make your glitter finer and answer if you can do it by grinding it.

You can grind glitter to make it finer. The process of grinding glitter has been done using a spice or herb grinder. For ultra-fine glitter, you can sift the ground glitter through a mesh screen. 

Now you know that you can grind glitter. We will go on to lay out the step-by-step process. Keep reading as we discuss additional sizes of glitter available and where you can purchase extra fine glitter.

Different colors of glitters on cups, Can You Grind Glitter To Make It Finer?

How To Grind Glitter

Grinding your glitter to make it finer is easier than you think. Using just a few steps, you will have ultra-fine glitter before you know it. If you have worked with glitter before, you know that it gets into every nook and cranny imaginable. Ultra or extra-fine glitter is no different. Let's break down the steps to grinding your glitter.

1. Gather Your Supplies

You most likely already have the glitter you want to grind at home. The next item on your supply list will be your grinder. The type of grinder you can use varies. You can use a spice grinder, herb grinder, or coffee grinder for this project.

Have a look at this electric herb grinder here on Amazon.

Do you want to achieve the finest version of your glitter? You will need a colander or other fine mesh screen to sift your ground glitter through.

Amazon offers a fine mesh strainer made of stainless steel, here. 

2. Grind Your Glitter

With your supplies gathered, it is time to grind. Simply pour your glitter into your grinder of choice. The amount of glitter you put in at one time will vary depending on the type of grinder you are using.

You can find a manual spice grinder here on Amazon.

Maybe you are unsure of the strength of your grinder, or you worry that your glitter will clog up your device. In these cases, stick to adding small amounts of glitter at a time.

3. Sift Your Ground Glitter

Now that your glitter is all ground up, you can use it as-is if you are happy with the result. Looking to create a finer product? Take your ground glitter and sift it through a fine mesh screen over a bowl.

4. Enjoy The Results

With your glitter ground into an extra-fine state, you can now enjoy your final product. Use the glitter you have created right away, or store it in containers for use later.

Golden glitter on a white background

Can You Blend Glitter?

You can use a blender when it comes to glitter. A good deal of DIY glitter projects utilize a blender to break up the material used.  You can use a blender to achieve similar results as you would grinding your glitter. Follow the same steps we listed above, just replace the grinder with a blender. Seems simple right?

A child's hands holding purple colored glitter

There is one thing to keep in mind when blending your glitter. If you use your blender for glitter, it should not be used for food again.

Most glitter gets made with indigestible plastics and other materials that are harmful to eat. These small particles can get into just about any space of your blender and are hard to wash away completely. To be safe, always use a blender you do not plan to use with food again.

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Does Glitter Come In Different Sizes?

Glitter does come in different sizes. Which size you use changes based on personal preference and the type of project you are working on.  Sizes of glitter include fine glitters, ultra-fine glitter, chunky glitters, super chunky glitters, and more. In some cases, you will hear the sizes of glitter referred to as small, medium, large, and different variations of fine.

The photo below is a great example of chunky glitter.

Purple glitter poured out of a small container

You can use larger sizes to create a more dramatic look with your glitter. Smaller sizes are great for intricate designs and many cosmetics. The most common size of glitter you will come across is fine glitter.

How Is Glitter Measured?

Glitter gets measured in either millimeters or micrometers, depending on whether it is smaller or larger. Along with different sizes, glitter comes in a handful of shapes. You will find that glitter comes in shapes such as squares, circles, hexagons, animal cut shapes, and more.

Different colored glitters on a white background

The different brands of glitter may vary slightly in measurements, but you can expect the following numbers for most glitter sizes:

  • Extra large (super chunky) > 6.26 mm
  • Large/Medium (chunky) > 2.0-3.1 mm
  • Fine > 0.7-1 mm
  • Extra fine > 0.2-0.3 mm
  • Micro fine > 0.075-0.1 mm

A woman holding silver colored glitter on her hands

The 0.7-1 mm or fine glitter is what you will most commonly use or see on projects. Extra fine and micro-fine glitters are far harder to clean up after, but they will provide you with the shiniest sparkle.

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How Do You Adhere Fine Glitter?

There are many ways to adhere fine glitter to a project. When choosing the method you will use, consider the type of glitter you are working with and the surface to which you are applying it.

You may have heard of people utilizing double-sided tape or varying glues. These methods certainly work, but what is the best method to adhering fine glitter to a project? Let's discuss some options in detail.

Mod Podge

Mod podge is widely used in the world of crafting; you may have a bottle at home already.  This adhesive is great for fine glitter because it dries clear and offers some degree of flexibility. You can use mod podge as both an adhesive and a sealant.

Find a 16 oz bottle of mod podge here on Amazon. 

Glue For Glitter

This glue was made solely for attaching glitter to a variety of surfaces.  Glue for glitter creates an invisible bond and can be used as a top-coat sealer. You can use this glue on all types of materials such as glass, plaster, metal, and much more.

Get a can of Design Master's glue for glitter here on Amazon. 

Fabric Glue

This washable glue is permanent and flexible. Fabric glue is ideal when you're embellishing costumes and other stretchy materials. You will get the best results with adhering polyester flake glitters versus craft glitters.

Amazon offers a flexible, stretchable fabric glue here. 

Spray Glue

This spray glue is one of the strongest adhesives for fine glitter. Use this glue to create a firm bond on surfaces like foam, fabric, wood, paper, and more. Expect a clear finish and an extra-strong bond.

Find Super 77 multipurpose adhesive glue here on Amazon. 

Where Can I Get Extra Fine Glitter?

Maybe the process of grinding glitter isn't for you. No problem, there are plenty of places and brands that offer extra fine glitter in countless colors. You can find extra fine glitter at most craft stores, especially bigger ones, such as Michaels.

See this extra fine Onyx black glitter here on Amazon. 

Extra fine glitter can also be bought online on places like Amazon, Etsy, and numerous craft sites. Glitters can be purchased as single colors or in sets of an array of colors. Find a mix of extra fine glitters and other crafting supplies on KitKraft.

You can get a set of 12 extra fine glitters here on Amazon. 

In Summary

You can grind glitter to make it finer. The grinding process can be done with different grinders, like electric or manual designs. Want finer glitter? Run that ground glitter through a mesh screen and enjoy what comes through.

To save yourself some time and mess, you can also buy premade extra fine glitters. Support local craft stores or buy in bulk online. We hope you found this article helpful when experimenting with your glitter at home. Hopefully, you found some inspiration here. Happy crafting!

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