Can You Glue Buttons To Fabric? [And How To]

When a button comes undone, it is inconvenient and might make you wonder if you can glue buttons to fabric. Don't worry. We have researched what glues do and don't work for fabric, and we have the answers to share with you.

You can glue buttons to fabric just as long as you use the right glue. Understand that if you need to wash the fabric, you must use specific glue that can get wet.

If you do not wash the fabric after gluing the buttons on, you have more options available.

Continue reading to learn more about what types of glue are okay to use on fabric, which ones are best, whether or not you can use hot glue to attach buttons to fabric, and more.

Four buttons of a suit, Can You Glue Buttons To Fabric? [And How To]

What Glue Can You Use On Fabric?

The glue you will find suggested most often for fabric use is fabric glue. It is specifically formulated to be used on fabric. That doesn't always mean it is washable, though.

You will have to read into the individual product more to be sure before submerging anything you have glued in water. Gorilla Glue offers specialized glue for fabric.

Up close photo of gray fabric

It is waterproof and made to bond to fabric without a problem.

Other companies offer fabric glue as well, such as a Secure Stitch Liquid Sewing Solution Kit or Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, to name a couple of them.

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You can also use hot glue or super glue to attach buttons to your fabric quickly. However, these two are best be used for a temporary fix.

They will work to keep buttons attached for the time being, at least.

Can You Hot Glue Buttons To Fabric?

Yes, you can use hot glue to glue certain types of buttons to the fabric. If a button is made of a material that could potentially melt, you may want to choose a different one.

It is best to check the packaging to see if it says whether or not you can wash the type of glue stick. Dry them on low heat to make the glue and clothes last longer.

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When you hot glue a button to a piece of fabric, you should apply the hot glue where you want the button to go. Next, you can place the button and slowly press it down.

Using too much hot glue will spread far beyond the button. Be mindful of this for the first few buttons you hot glue so you can figure out how much glue to use.

Allow the glue time to dry before you pick up or move the fabric. Give your material and glue the suggested time written on the product or in the product description to dry before washing or wearing it.

The only downside to using hot glue for attaching buttons to fabric is that hot glue hardens. Fabric glue is flexible. That is one main difference before choosing hot glue for affixing your buttons.

Does Gorilla Glue Work On Fabric?

Regular Gorilla Glue is not necessarily the best glue for fabric, but the same company does make one specifically for fabric. This product is called Gorilla Fabric Glue.

Give the glue time to dry. It should only take about 24 hours to cure. Do not wash your fabric for at least three days after applying Gorilla Fabric Glue.

Wait at least three days to iron any fabric with Gorilla Fabric Glue, although you would want to iron around buttons rather than over them regardless.

Not only can you use Gorilla Fabric Glue to glue buttons to fabric, but you can use it to glue felt, beads, or sequins to your fabric around your buttons too.

Gorilla Fabric Glue creates a permanent bond, so if you use it for buttons on fabric, expect them to stay there. The fabric that you use Gorilla Fabric Glue on can be washed and dried without cause for concern.

After being washed, the fabric will still be flexible. That is the best result you can ask for.

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Does Super Glue Stick To Fabric?

Squeezing a droplet of glue

Yes, super glue will usually stick to a piece of fabric. It will work if you are in a time crunch. There are more downfalls than positive factors regarding this option, though.

You can use super glue to glue buttons to fabric if necessary. The main problem you might see would be that the cloth is too dry for the super glue to adhere to the two correctly.

Be mindful of the holes in the buttons so that the super glue doesn't leak through and end up sticking to something it shouldn't. Something important to be mindful of is the material you are adding the super glue to.

Adding super glue to cotton, especially 100% cotton, is never a good idea. It will cause the fibers to get hot, and they could potentially burn.

Super glue dries extremely quickly. It makes the fabric stiff when it dries on it, and it also seeps through your fabric which can potentially cause problems.

An up close photo of a black suit button

You should not soak any fabric you use super glue on in the water. If you super glue buttons to the fabric, you need to only hand wash or spot clean the fabric afterward.

The thing is, super glue is meant to be used on materials that are not so porous. Fabric is too absorbent for super glue unless you do not have anything else and need to come up with a quick solution.

In that case, use super glue and keep an eye on the buttons to ensure they stick to the fabric and not anything else.

Will Elmer's Glue Work On Fabric?

Elmer's glue works on fabric for something light like glitter, but we would not suggest using it for buttons. Buttons that have been glued to the fabric are pretty heavy in comparison to the weight of the fabric.

Even smaller lightweight buttons will not hold for an extended period. That is not the project Elmer's glue is meant to be used for.

The thing is, Elmer's glue does not create a strong bond when it comes to gluing buttons to the fabric. It will also wash off any fabric.

How To Glue Buttons To Fabric

A button of a tuxedo

As long as you use the right glue, you should be able to add glue to the fabric, then place the button on the glue and add pressure.

You do not have to push very hard but do so firmly to ensure the buttons adhere to the fabric.

To see a visual, check out this YouTube video below:

A Quick Review

Four buttons of a suit


You absolutely can glue buttons to fabric. It is vital to use the correct glue to do so, though. The best way to ensure you are using glue that will work on fabric is to check the product description beforehand.

Ideally, you should be using glue that will not harden and become difficult to flex after it dries. If you do not intend to wash the fabric after gluing buttons to it, then you have more leeway for choosing glue.

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