Is Krazy Glue Waterproof?

Are you looking for a superglue that will hold under wet conditions? You may be wondering if the Krazy glue you have in your craft kit will work. We are here to help. In this article, we will answer if Krazy glue is waterproof and more. 

Krazy glue is waterproof only after it is properly set and cured. 

Now you know that Krazy glue is safe to use for your project that may get wet. Keep reading as we explain what exactly is Krazy glue, how you can cure it, and give you some other examples of waterproof glues. 

Krazy glue products at a store, Is Krazy Glue Waterproof?

How Do You Cure Krazy Glue?

Krazy glue or cyanoacrylate glue is a quick-bonding superglue. It has many uses ranging from household repairs, medical uses, and of course, it is used in many forms of crafting. 

Krazy glue is only waterproof after it cures. You are probably wondering what curing glue entails. The curing process of Krazy glue begins the moment the glue gets exposed to the air. 

Water vapor activates the bond of superglue, and this vapor occurs naturally in the air. This is why superglue dries and hardens so quickly, and why your bottle should never be left unopened, exposed to the air. 

Squeezing out a small amount of glue

To cure Krazy glue, you simply wait. This glue does the curing on its own, you just need to give it time to complete this process before exposing it to wet conditions. 

The activated adhesive properties of Krazy glue are what make these glues different from ordinary glues. White glues you may have used on past projects form a latex bond by filling in pores on the surface it is on. 

Krazy glue, on the other hand, is a strong, quick-acting adhesive that does not rely on the pores of your surface to adhere. 

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How Long Does Krazy Glue Take To Dry?

As we mentioned, Krazy glue is fast-acting. It only takes 2-6 minutes for the glue to set. However, to ensure the maximum strength of your bonded glue, you should allow your glue to sit overnight. 

There are some tricks to getting your glue to dry faster in a pinch. First, you want the surface you are applying your glue on to be clean and dry before your application. 

After holding your glued pieces together for that initial setting period, you can use a blow-dryer to apply heat on a low setting. Warm air encourages your glue to bond quicker. 

Additionally, adding a small amount of baking soda to your glue right after you have it on your surface can accelerate drying. Be careful not to place too much baking soda on your glue, as this can cause it to heat up. 

Simply do lay a light sprinkle of baking soda over your glue before placing the item that you are piecing together on top. 

What Surfaces Are Compatible With Krazy Glue?

Krazy glue is popular due to its strong bond and versatile nature. You can use this glue on just about any surface or material. Some surfaces that Krazy glue works well on include:

  • Woods (pine, hickory, maple, oak, cherry, beech)
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Fabric
  • Most plastics
  • Rubber

There is some variety among Krazy glue. For example, there is a wood-specific, all-purpose, maximum bond, and craft formulated Krazy glue. Let's take a closer look at the different types of Krazy glue. 


Krazy glue fast-dry wood glue works great for porous woods. You can use this type of glue for repairs and other projects. Krazy wood glue is different from other wood glues because of its drying times and does not require overnight dry times. 

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This glue can be sanded and washed. Furthermore, you do not have to use wood clamps in the drying process. 


All-purpose Krazy glue is what you will most commonly see used. This formula is great for rubber, wood, metals, plastics, and ceramic materials. You can find glue tubes with a brush or precision pen applicator.

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Craft formulated Krazy glue is best for surfaces such as porcelain, wood, and ceramics. These tubes often come with a brush or precision point applicator and skin guard. 

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Maximum Bond

Last, we will look at maximum bond Krazy glue. This formula creates a strong bond that is shock resistant. Additionally, this glue can withstand temperature changes and the everyday use of your object. 

Maximum bond Krazy glue works on both porous and non-porous surfaces, as well as vertical and mismatched materials. 

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Home And Office

Home and office Krazy glue is compatible with glass, leather, ceramic, plastics, and metal. This type of glue comes in a no-run gel formula with a protective storage case. 

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If you are questioning what formula of Krazy glue to use on your project, read up on the capability of the different glues. This brand of superglue is working on new formulas to keep an eye out for as well. 

Are There Materials That Won't Bond To Krazy Glue?

Krazy glue placed on the table

Krazy glue can work with a wide range of materials, making it perfect for crafting and household repairs or projects. However, there is a small list of materials that Krazy glue won't bond with. These materials include:

Most of these materials are impermeable and repel moisture. These characteristics make it difficult or nearly impossible for Krazy glue to bond to the material.

If you are working with one of the above materials, you will need to seek another adhesive for a strong bond. 

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How To Remove Krazy Glue

Krazy glue works so well, sometimes too well if you get it on a surface you don't want it to be on. If you have Krazy glue stuck to your fingers, a countertop, or another crafting surface, you are probably wondering how to get it off. 

Using acetone can easily remove Krazy glue from unwanted areas. You can use acetone or nail polish remover to soak your fingers or wipe down your surface. After removing the superglue, rinse the area thoroughly with water. 

Acetone is a strong substance, and you want to avoid leaving it sitting on your skin or other surfaces. Prolonged sitting times can cause discoloration or other unwanted damage. 

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Avoid pulling apart your fingers if you have Krazy glue on them. This strong glue can end up hurting your skin and causing further issues. Have patience, and roll your fingers together with the acetone. 

The strong bond will break apart without damaging your hands, and then simply wash the acetone and remaining glue away.

On certain surfaces, you can apply a small amount of acetone to an area to ensure it is compatible first. In some cases, acetone can change the color of a material or have a strange reaction. You should do this test on countertops or certain plastics. 

If you are looking for a safer solvent, there are products labeled "de-bonders" that can be found at many craft stores. For example, nitromethane can be found and is considered safer than acetone. 

For those with sensitive skin, or when cleaning plastic surfaces, you should seek these safer "de-bonders". 

What Other Superglues Are Waterproof?

There are many other superglues that are waterproof. Actually, most superglues are waterproof under normal conditions after being properly dried and cured. Some brands of waterproof superglue include:

  • Loctite
  • Lelebar
  • Peyan
  • Glue Masters
  • Gorilla Glue

Man holding Krazy glue on a white background

Specific types of superglue will work best with different materials. Always look up the comparability of your product before buying to ensure you are getting the right glue for your type of project.  

In Summary

Krazy glue products at a store

Krazy glue is waterproof after it is set, dry, and properly bonded. For best results, use the type of Krazy glue specific to the materials you are working with. We hope you found this article helpful when crafting with Krazy glue. 

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