What Paper Is Used For Paper Cutting Craft Projects?

Paper cutting is a unique and stylized art form. The difference between paper cutting crafts and other generic paper uses is the quality of the paper. It would be strange to use quality paper for anything other than art or a gift. However, if you are new to the craft it can be helpful to know what paper is used. We've done the research to provide you with the best type of paper to use for paper cutting craft projects. 

There are so many paper preferences depending on the creator. However, paper cutters have an average size of paper that is used; 120-160 GSM paper. You should consider the following when participating in your paper cutting projects: 

  • Size 
  • Color 
  • Texture 

If you still have more questions about what type of paper to use for your paper cutting projects, don't worry. In this guide, we'll cover this topic in greater detail as well as provide you with some excellent paper cutting craft project ideas. So stick around and keep reading!

Homemade paper snowflake using different types of paper with ruler and scissors, What Paper Is Used For Paper Cutting Craft Projects?

Best Type Of Paper For Paper Cutting

Female design professional cutting color sample paper into shape at home office

When starting out in paper cutting, it is important to experiment with different thicknesses and colors to identify a personal art style. The good thing to remember is that paper is a hot commodity and readily available at any supply store. There are various kinds of paper. The true trick is to choose the kind of craft you will be executing before choosing the right paper. There are standard papers to choose from that can be safe to use for any craft.

Pergamenata parchment paper cardstock is within the average size of 160 GSM. It has a neutral pH and a choice of two shades; white or natural. This product is a safe bet because of its durability, average size and weight, and neutral coloring.

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Tracing paper is also a great product for starting your paper cutting crafts. The tracing paper is used to outline your paper cutting craft on the back of the paper that will actually be cut. This paper is very helpful for creating a successful project.

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Personal Preferences

Due to the wide range of paper options, there are so many elements that are left up to personal preference.


Depending on the size of the project, the size of the paper is optional. Some crafts like paper cards are typically standard size. The best option is to have an envelope ready to place the card in after it is completed. This allows for the size of the paper to be set prior to starting the project.


We mentioned that neutral paper colors are great for starting projects because creativity can be endless with a white piece of paper. However, some crafters only craft in color.

There are vibrant colored cardstocks to choose from to help your paper cutting craft really shine.

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Colored cardstock is a fully dyed paper to help any craft stand out. It can be a great alternative to white or black paper. Neon colors like this can add a splash of personality to any project.


In addition to color, the texture of paper can add a cool new element to any paper cutting craft. Not only will the project be visually appealing, but it will be able to feel as exciting as it looks. One kind of textured paper that is commonly used is glitter cardstock sheets:

The cardstock also doubles for design because of its vibrant colors and glitter.

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What Are Some Paper Cutting Projects?

Starting a new hobby can be intimidating if there are so many options for activities to do with one medium. Paper cutting has a wide variety of uses and it can be hard to choose which craft to start with. Check out these great options that we put together for you:

Paper Dioramas

Paper dioramas can be seen as an advanced paper cutting craft. However, they are created one piece at a time and with each scene layered behind the next.

Pop-Up Cards

Pop-up cards are basically paper illustrations in a 3D form. They have the potential to be personalized for any gift.

Paper Flower Bouquets

Paper flower bouquets are a fresh, fun take on the traditional flower bouquet. They can be super simple or extremely intricate.

Paper Shade

If you're more of a visual learner, check out this Youtube tutorial on how to make a paper shade:

How Do You Start A Paper Cutting Project?

Before you start your project, it's best to gather the materials needed. There are several cutting tools required for a successful paper cutting project experience. Some tools are really an investment when beginning a paper cutting hobby.

The main tools are:

  • Cutting mat
  • Pencil
  • Scalpel

Use A Cutting Mat

Cutting mats are great for a paper cutting work surface. There are various sizes, colors, and grid features to help cut straight lines.

The self-healing cutting mat is essential to keep a table surface protected. There are a large number of sizes to choose from and a 5-layer PVC material to prevent cutting through the material.

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Aside from paper in a paper cutting project, the scalpel is the most essential tool to have in your craft arsenal. You'll use it for cutting precise lines and features. The handle is textured for crafters to have a better grip on the tool. The sharpness of the blade determines the amount of effort necessary to cut the paper.

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Start Cutting Your Paper

Once the necessary tools are gathered, you are now ready to start the paper cutting.

  1. Use the pencil to draw your design directly on the paper.
  2. Place the paper on top of the cutting mat.
  3. Use the scalpel to cut along the drawn image.
  4. If the lines are straight, use the cutting mat's grid features or a ruler to maintain precision.
  5. When cutting curved lines, move the paper around and keep the scalpel in place.

What Other Tools Are Needed For Paper Cutting?

Much like fancy paper, there are some tools that are left to personal preference.

A Metal Ruler

Some cutting mats will not have a grid available within the design of the mat. A metal ruler helps maintain lines and precision in a project.

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Glass Cutting Mat

For inexperienced crafters, it might not be known that glass is a great alternative work surface for paper cutting; it is easier to maintain than a cutting mat.

Unfortunately, glass is a little harder to find than cutting mats. Glass mats with grids can prevent slipping and help the cutting blade glide easier for more precise cuts.

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A Cleaning Cloth

Cloths are an extra tool to use to wipe off the surface area. Small fibers get stuck in the small openings and a little water can help a mat recover and stay clean.

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In Closing

Homemade paper snowflake using different types of paper with ruler and scissors, What Paper Is Used For Paper Cutting Craft Projects?

There is an abundance of paper to choose from when paper cutting; from big to small, colored or not, textured or plain. It is important to choose a craft idea first and maybe seek out a tutorial to follow to help you gather specific supplies. Regardless of what kind of paper cutting activity you choose, practice and effort really determine beautiful paper cutting projects. Good luck and have fun!

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