What Are The Best Scissors For Cutting Paper? [Inc. Examples]

Paper crafts offer a wide range of fun and relaxing activities. Although paper is flexible and easy to work with, many of these paper crafts will require scissors. While any old pair of scissors might do the job when you’re cutting paper, there are countless specialty scissors. But don’t worry, because we have carefully researched the best scissors for your next paper project.

The best craft scissors will serve your safety, creativity, and practicality. For children, it is always best to consider the safest scissors. Some scissors will help create special edges for an art project, while others can cut with finer precision. Durable models can maintain their sharpness after extensive use. Therefore, these designs are the most ideal for cutting paper:

  • Safety Scissors
  • Decorative Scissors
  • Pinking Shears
  • Detail Scissors
  • Titanium Bonded Scissors

Scissors are simply a commonplace office tool, so cutting paper may not seem like a big deal. However, creative projects always invite a wide variety of tools. There are plenty of scissors to choose from, so keep reading to learn which scissors will really bring your imagination to life!

A safety scissor placed next to papers and pencils at a teachers desk, What Are The Best Scissors For Cutting Paper? [Inc. Examples]

What Are Craft Scissors?

Scissors have been around for a very long time and actually serve many purposes. Scissors are used for cutting everything from hair to sheet metal. Craft scissors are specifically designed for arts and crafts. This means that the scissors will have the correct sharpness, shape, and price tag for your art projects. Expensive, heavy-duty scissors are hardly necessary for cutting paper. Craft scissors can serve all your needs, as long as you use the right designs.

Safety Scissors

Safety scissors are the perfect design for kids to use. To begin with, these scissors are designed with a blunt tip. This is crucial because most scissors do not have a rounded tip. Traditional pointed scissors clearly pose a dangerous stabbing hazard.

Safety scissors are also traditionally smaller. This is easier for children to handle. Younger kids simply haven’t developed enough coordination to handle larger objects. Because safety scissors are designed to fit younger hands, children will have fewer accidents.

However, sometimes an accident can’t be helped. Fortunately, safety scissors are also built with unusually dull blades. Some users are frustrated by the dullness and would prefer a more well-rounded tool. Still, safety scissors are perfectly acceptable for cutting paper.

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Decorative Scissors

All decorative scissors are unique from one pair to the next. They are designed with special grooves along their blades. Ultimately, this will produce shapely borders as you cut. As such, the possibilities are endless. It is easy to find countless patterns built directly into the decorative scissors. This will allow you to remain consistent with your artwork. You can create multiple sheets with the exact same borders.

However, there are some drawbacks. For example, if you stop cutting at any point, the existing pattern can become very uneven. With every new cut, it will be necessary to align the blades correctly. This way, the pattern will smoothly continue.

Still, there is no denying the versatility of decorative scissors. The designs and applications are endless. They are sharp enough to cut through a variety of different materials, including paper. Fortunately, decorative scissors are also relatively inexpensive. This will allow you to explore many new designs.

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Pinking Shears

Pinking shears are scissors that produce a zig-zag pattern. There are professional pinking shears that can actually be used to design a dress. However, paper would only dull those flashy blades. There are plenty of pinking shears that are less expensive and certainly less delicate.

Pinking shears designed for everyday use can cut through cloth and paper alike. Pinking shears also offer many variations on the trademark zig-zag pattern. For example, the teeth on the blades come in many different sizes.

This is something crucial to consider when you are cutting paper. If you don’t use pinking shears with the correct teeth, the edges will fray. Luckily, there are pinking shears that are deliberately designed to cut through paper.

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Detail Scissors

The purpose of detail scissors is actually right in the name. Detail scissors are smaller models, with especially sharp blades and tips. This design will allow you to have more control when you are cutting in smaller areas. Sometimes, one slip can accidentally compromise a lengthy pattern. Instead, detail scissors will let you create measured cuts.

At times, it may be useful to make small turns while you are cutting. Detail scissors will allow you to change directions accurately without disturbing the previous cut. As such, detail scissors are always ideal for ornate designs with complex patterns. The smallest cuts will remain precise and clean.

Also, because detail scissors are so small, they are very easy to store and travel with. This means that detail scissors are useful for creating artwork anywhere you go.

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Titanium Bonded Scissors

Titanium has truly earned its reputation. These scissors are distinctly designed for durability. Titanium bonded scissors introduce elements that will prevent wear and tear. Some scissors are only painted with titanium to avoid rust. However, titanium bonded scissors are built to remain sharp for a particularly long time. Therefore, titanium bonded scissors would cut through more paper over time, compared to weaker scissors.

Titanium bonded scissors are also known for their lightweight design. Stronger scissors are typically a little heavier. Sadly, this can result in some clumsy mistakes. However, titanium bonded scissors are light enough to offer more control.

They are also more comfortable to use for extended periods of time. This is particularly useful for artwork, which frequently requires more time and effort. Original ideas are always going to demand more concentration and a careful touch.

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What Can You Do With Paper And Scissors?

You are limited only by your imagination! For example, the Japanese art of kirigami offers boundless opportunities. However, specific celebrations always invite original artwork. This is particularly true for seasonal holidays.


Origami is the famous Japanese art of folding paper. However, there is also an artwork called “kirigami.” This combines both folding and cutting. For example, this will allow you to create snowflakes with even more depth and originality.

Kirigami is probably the most impressive example of mastering paper and scissors. So, kirigami may seem a little intimidating, but there are many designs to follow online. Like anything else, kirigami only takes practice. Once you get the hang of it, kirigami can produce the most remarkable artwork.

Get equipped for this paper craft by first reading, How Thick Should Oragami Paper Be?

Seasonal Decorations

Day of the Dead influences will invite more elaborate ideas than a simple bat. The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday. It is celebrated to remember and assist the dead. Traditionally, the holiday’s decorations commonly include skulls and flowers. This imagery is naturally appealing and easy to produce. Cutting out such designs will certainly allow improvisation.

Using these designs will recognize an important and compelling culture. This will also expand your ideas beyond Halloween decorations. Besides, Day of the Dead is already closely associated with Halloween because both holidays are celebrated around the same time.

For more traditional Halloween ideas, you may want to consider “paper chains.” These are chains made of interlocked paper, looped into one another. This will allow you to cut many different designs and attach each of them to various links in the chain. Then, it’s easy enough to hang the chain anywhere you like!

Holiday Decorations

Paper and scissors are popularly used to create snowflakes. This is because snowflakes are unique and easy to make. Through simple folding and cutting, it is possible to create very intricate and compelling results.

Using paper and scissors, it is also possible to create some pretty unique gift-wrapping. You can blanket your gift with original creations, including those snowflakes you made! Use smaller scissors to cut out gingerbread men, dreidels, and more. You can even use your creations as ornaments during the holidays!

Does Cutting Paper Blunt Scissors?

The ingredients used in conventional paper can absolutely blunt some scissors. However, this is only true for scissors that were designed for some other purpose. It would take some time for the paper to dull ordinary scissors. However, special scissors are often sharper or designed for some other material. So, it is best to consider what scissors you are using with paper.


While cutting paper may seem simple enough, scissors are actually made with many different designs. Each pair of scissors can offer various advantages or disadvantages when you are working with paper. Now you know which tools will smoothly bring your ideas to life!

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