Is Loom Knitting Easier Than Needle Knitting?

Have you ever wondered if loom knitting was easier than using knitting needles? Some people prefer the loom method, while others still like to use knitting needles. We believe it depends on the individual's personal preference, but we've researched both methods to let you know which is easier.

Many people prefer using a loom to knit and believe it is easier. When using a loom, you wrap the yarn around the pegs and then pull it through the loops to create a finished pattern. Working with knitting needles is essentially the same, but without using a guide to help you create the pattern. It is done with two needles and your hands.

Please continue to read on to understand the pros and cons of using a knitting loom and knitting needles. We'll answer your other related questions too, like whether knitting is an expensive hobby, and provide tips for beginners.

A loom knitting equipment with yarn and knitting hook, Is Loom Knitting Easier Than Needle Knitting?

Loom Vs. Needles Knitting Methods - Pros & Cons

Yarns in baskets and knitting tools

Here, we'll look at the pros and cons of using a loom versus using needles to create knit patterns. Let's start with the loom to learn how it is helpful to this craft. As you read further, we'll delve into knitting needles. So, you'll so have a good idea of which approach might be the easiest for you.

Pros Of Looms

Loom knitting equipment with yarn and knitting hook


Many people who develop arthritis in their fingers and hands find it easier to use a loom. A loom can be used simply on a tabletop or your lap. There is no need for working needles with a loom and constantly arching your fingers in uncomfortable positions, which can cause cramping and pain. Loom knitting can also be easy for people who may have a disability on one hand or arm.

Less to Hold

As stated above, the loom can rest on a tabletop or your lap. There is no need to hold onto it constantly. If you decide to handle it, you can switch hands and not worry about both of them becoming uncomfortable at once. Holding two knitting needles at once can be cumbersome to manage when your hands and fingers began to ache.

Uniform, Intricate Design

Using a loom makes the design look more uniform and complete. The stitching will all be the same and look even. Using knitting needles can create slack in the yarn, causing stitches to be variable if you are not on top of it. Knitting needles cannot create some designs created by looms. With the many different pegs, diverse stitches can be made. It is almost like using a bunch of needles at once instead of just two.

Cons of Looms

Paying Attention

Using a loom requires a lot of attention. Many people who knit with needles can walk while knitting if they have enough experience. Using a loom is a bit different in those terms. It would be best if you kept an eye on what you are doing. You must look at the loom to know which peg you want to wrap the yarn around and where to go next. It is not something that you get used to and can just do by feeling.


Knitting accessories, gauge ruler and knitting needles

While there are some extra-fine gauge looms, most are a standard size. A Regular Gauge loom is 1/2″or 9/16″, which is the equivalent needle size 8-10 (5 mm – 6 mm).  The gauges can extend to jumbo. Most people prefer to use the bigger sizes because they are easier to work with. If you are looking to use a thinner yarn, it is suggested to use knitting needles rather than a loom.

Limited Products

Because looms are typically round or oval, the finished products are limited. You have to really use your imagination to create something other than a hat, headband, or scarf with a loom. Thicker yarn is often used with a loom as well. It is not impossible, but it is more difficult. Knitting needles have a wider range of products that can be made.

Below is a video on how to knit a scarf on a loom for beginners.


Looms are more expensive than a pair of knitting needles. The prices of knitting looms range from $15 all the way up to $50. Average knitting needles can be as cheap at five dollars for a pair. There are many sets as well, with different gauges. They can be up to $50 to include a lot of extras.

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Many knitters like to take their projects with them on the road. While looms may be easier to take on a plane, because it is not a metal needle, the loom is often bigger and takes up more space. Knitting needles save space in your luggage.

Pros of Knitting Needles

Wool and knitting needle

Less Concentration

Picture of a woman knitting woolen clothes

Once an experienced knitter gets into a project, it is easy to complete even when distracted. Your hands become so used to knitting that it is easy just to do it. A loom is a bit different. You need to focus on where you are looping your yarn and on what peg you finished. Many knitters can make stitches without even looking while using knitting needles.

More Projects

With the many gauges of knitting needles, you can use all sorts of yarn. It can be really thick for a blanket or really thin for doilies. Using a thinner yarn with a loom is not always possible. Most looms have a bigger gauge which means, making smaller intricate designs is not possible.

Intricate Detail And Embellishment

Doilies, as mentioned above, usually include a lot of detail. The same with table clothes and even sweaters. If you want more detail in a knitted piece, you will want to use knitting needles. If you would like to add little flowers or a border to your sweater, a needle is the best way to go. It is not easy to create these with a loom unless you can be very imaginative and focused.


Knitting needles have a variety of gauges and materials. The price of knitting needles can be as low as five dollars a set and upwards from there depending on the size, circular or straight types, and material. Sets can include many gauges included in one pack.

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Cons of Knitting Needles


Using knitting needles for a long period of time can create discomfort. Your hands may cramp up, and your fingers could start to ache. This is especially true for people who have arthritis in their fingers and hands. Sometimes the discomfort can radiate down to your wrists and forearms as well.


Safety is always an issue with children and even adults. If using knitting needles, you must be mindful of the ends of them. They are usually very pointy. Metal knitting needles and even wooden types can cause serious injury. Always be sure to pay attention to children with knitting needles to be safe from harm.

Must-Have Two Needles

You must have a pair of knitting needles to do any knitting project. If you happen to misplace one needle, you will need to get another to complete your project. Make sure you be mindful of the gauge if you have to purchase another one. It could be the make or break of your incomplete project!

Related Questions

Is knitting an expensive hobby?

Knitting can be expensive depending on the project because the cost of yarn fluctuates. If it is a big blanket, for example, the sheer quantity of yarn can get pricey. It depends on the type of yarn you are using and how much you need per project. On the other hand, needles or looms are a one-time purchase that you can use again and again for various projects. Few additional tools, such as spacers, stitch counters, and measuring tape, are relatively inexpensive.

Is it easier to knit with big or small needles?

Bigger needles are much easier to handle. Using thicker yarn and bigger knitting needles will take the strain off of your hands. It will also be easier to see the stitches you are working within your design and easier to fix mistakes.

What is the easiest thing to knit for beginners?

The easiest projects could be scarves, baby booties, or even a pillowcase. It depends on the design you are using and the detail. Below is a video that demonstrates how to knit a scarf at the beginner level.

What is the best knitting loom for beginners?

The Mira Handcrafts Complete Round Knitting Loom Kit is highly suggested. It is great for beginners. The kit will provide everything you need to start your first project on a knitting loom. Below we have suggested some additional loom kit options.

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To Conclude

Knitting can be a great activity for any age. The loom can be great for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Knitting needles are good for many projects with more detail. Both ways of knitting can create amazing products!

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