Can You Sell Origami? [Here’s how to!]

Origami is the beautiful art of folding paper into sculpture, but can you sell origami in the same way? Though this is certainly something you can do simply as a hobby, you may want to turn into extra income. Let's see what our research finds about selling this original craft.

There are ways to sell your origami. People turn them into mobiles or custom cards or even holiday ornaments to purchase as gifts. You might also consider selling your ideas as a way of turning origami craft into income. Though nothing is particularly high-priced, you might be able to supplement your income by selling some of your creations.

Let's look at some of the ways you can turn origami craft into more than a hobby. We'll also exam if it's worth it if you can see your patterns, what you might do with your origami, and how you can bet better at the craft. So please, keep reading for more information.

Origami rabbits with golden eggs and bouquet of tulips at the back, Can You Sell Origami? [Here's how to!]

Making Money From Origami

Origami is the art of paper folding. The word actually breaks down into two parts, "ori" meaning folded, and "kami," meaning paper. This Japanese art is now popular all over the world with people seeing how complex they can get in their folds. There are businesses sprung up around origami craft projects, origami papers, origami how-to-booklets, and even some individually folded origami characters.

Craft Projects Out Of Origami

Probably the easiest way to sell origami is to take your folded creations and turn them into something usable. Sites like Etsy and eBay make marketing your originals easy and searchable. When you create these usable objects in your spare time and create a space to sell them from, it's a super way to make extra income.

Original Earrings

This artist turns tiny origami cranes into unique and original earrings out of upcycled wallpaper. Make the folds then add a pair of ear wires and you're in business. These come in a cute gift box and sell for a decent amount of money.

Click here for these earrings on Amazon.

Handmade Ornaments

Other artists might turn their origami creations into holiday ornaments. Hang these from a mantel all in a row, or choose a color theme to decorate your tree. You could even market your holiday ornaments in this way and sell them in larger groupings. This one is sold individually but you can sell yours in the most creative way possible.

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Origami is a beautiful subject matter for mobiles. Because it's so lightweight, and the patterns and colors are endless, it's the perfect medium for this form of sculpture. Some of the more intricate mobiles on the various craft sites sell for anywhere between fifty and a hundred dollars, which isn't bad for folded paper. They can be simple or elegant or whimsical depending on the paper and folds you choose for your projects.

Can You Sell Origami Patterns?

Selling your ideas is another great way to earn money from origami. Many creators will put together how-to booklets with detailed patterns to teach others how to fold paper. But you do need to have some added value if you're trying to sell your patterns. Why? Because loads of origami patterns are available for free on the Internet. Both as written instruction and even video tutorials.

So think about your patterns more like a kit, with everything the maker needs, in order to turn it into income. Here are a few examples of what we mean.

Beginner Kit

This beginner kit is available with papers and a booklet with 55 pages of super detailed and colorful instruction. Having this book at your fingertips is much easier than scanning through the Internet one design at a time.

Click here for this kit on Amazon.

Mobile Kit

Here someone has put together a kit to make an origami crane mobile. It's a way of selling your patterns and your project. Though for this, the buyer is actually doing the project.

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Is Selling Origami Worth It?

Nobody has ever claimed to get rich quick off selling origami. Most people are into the art of folding for personal challenge and a bit of crafting meditation. When you sell your origami, it could turn the thing you love doing into something you dread.

But, if you're someone who is good at using the internet or someone who likes hanging out at craft fairs, it's not a bad gig. If you don't mind marketing and you're willing to brag about the things you've created, then it may be worth it. Though it's probably a fairly hard slog to make a complete income from origami, it's a good way to pick up some pocket change. And if you have no problem working on sites like Etsy and all that's involved, go for it.

What Do You Do With Origami?

Beyond craft and money-making, origami has other purposes. It's used in art therapy and in stroke and injury rehabilitation. Origami is excellent for developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and enhanced mental concentration. Folding paper can also create a sense of mindfulness in a person. It's a great project for kids in classrooms and there are even multiple foundations based on Sadako and the 1,000 cranes story.

Teachers will often use this story in classrooms and teach kids how to fold paper cranes. Once 1,000 cranes have been folded, they are sent into the project of choice. It's a great story about peace for children.

How Do You Get Better At Origami?

The best way to get better at origami is to practice. You can start with paper around your house. Old wrapping paper, maps, thin paper bags, and thin printer paper will all work. Start by cutting your origami paper into squares about 21 cm x 21 cm. Then head to the web to find some easy tutorials. Or pick up a simple origami instruction booklet like this one below.

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After you've gotten the hang of a few simple folds, then you might want to step up your game. Order some beautiful origami paper and add a few more complex folding patterns to your repertoire. The nice thing about origami is that the patterns never run out and the paper is super affordable.

This Japanese Washi paper is printed on both sides with gorgeous patterns. With 300 sheets, it gives you plenty of chances to perfect your beautiful folds.

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This paperback of 20 models from origami masters comes in both a paperback and downloadable online video tutorials for each form. This is a great way to create more complex folds and have personal instruction. Some of the included award-winning designs are only found here.

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Fold For Fun And Maybe A Little Money

Though most people do origami for the skill or a bit of mindful meditation, it is possible to turn those folds into something for cash. Learn the folds, perfect your skills, then look around at what objects might lend themselves to having origami as the star. You may just be able to turn your craft into the perfect side hustle for your creativity.

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