How To Crochet Coasters [18 Easy Patterns For Beginners!]

Crochet coasters are a fun way to turn an ordinary household item into a treasured homemade item. From the most simple patterns to exquisite designs, crochet coasters can have it all. There is an assortment of sizes that you can create, too.

If you're a beginner at crochet, then coasters are a wonderful way to practice your new craft and become familiar with a wide array of techniques. Coasters are relatively quick to crochet and they don't require much yarn. For these reasons, you'll find yourself drawn to crocheting unique coasters time and time again.

In this post, we have pulled together 18 amazing crochet coaster patterns for beginners. With each project in this list, you'll have access to either a guided video tutorial or a link to the pattern itself. Whichever crochet coaster pattern you decide to do, you're sure to have fun! Before getting started on the project, make sure you have the appropriate size crochet hook and enough yarn. Without further ado, let's check out these patterns!



1. Simple Crochet Coasters

To get started with these simple crochet coasters, you'll need some super bulky yarn in the color of your choice and a 6.5 mm crochet hook. To begin creating these coasters, form a starting knot and hold onto the knot while you thread the crochet hook through it. Then pull the yarn through the loop and do this twice to create the knot. From there, you can follow the video directions from The Sweetest Journey to create a perfectly round, simple coaster:

2. Farmhouse Style Coasters

Simple yet intricate, this farmhouse style coaster is perfectly dainty. Whether you're having a tea party or a casual get together, these coasters will bring charm to the table. You can use cotton or any other worsted yarn for this pattern. You'll also need a 4.5 mm crochet hook and a yarn needle. Follow along with the photo tutorial from The Painted Hinge here.

3. Spring Blooms Coasters

Spring blooms are full of color and promise. So why not replicate those same feelings with a set of crochet coasters? You can make them solid-colored or multi-colored as long as you use worsted cotton yarn. You'll also need a 4.25 mm crochet hook and a needle to weave the ends in. This pattern is made in rounds. For detailed directions, head over to The Unraveled Mitten.

4. Pumpkin Coasters

Pumpkins are the perfect symbol for fall. The bright orange gourds are found in all kinds of home decor, so why not coasters, too? To make five 4"x4" coasters, you'll need a 2-ounce ball of orange 100% cotton yarn, a small amount of black and green 100% cotton yarn, and a 5 mm crochet hook. Traverse Bay Crochet lays out the materials and easy to follow directions here.

5. Hexagon Coasters

This crochet hexagon coaster is quite eye-catching. This pattern primarily utilizes the chain stitch and double crochet. Using the two methods results in the perfect hexagon coaster. You'll need a 4 mm crochet hook and your yarn of choice. You can follow along with Crochet and Tea's detailed video tutorial below:

6. Sunny Coasters

Fill your home with sunshine with the help of these sunny coasters. To appropriately replicate the sun's rays, you'll need a yellow worsted weight cotton yarn. But pick any shade of yellow you'd like. You'll also need a 5 mm crochet hook and a yarn needle. When you're finished, each coaster will measure 4.25 inches in diameter. This coaster is done in continuous rounds to keep it looking seamless. Check out the pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity by clicking here.

7. Seashell Coasters

Seashells are a sweet reminder of the ocean. To guarantee that seashells are more than just a pretty piece of decor, you can crochet your very own seashell coasters. These coasters are worked in one piece in rows. To get started, you'll need your color choice of cotton yarn, a tapestry needle, and a 4.5 mm crochet hook. Head over to LoopinglyMade to follow the thoroughly written directions for this pattern.

8. Doughnut Coasters

Take a look at these tasty looking doughnut coasters! To get started on these delectable coasters, you'll need worsted weighted cotton yarn (colors for both the doughnut and the icing), a yarn needle, and a 5 mm crochet hook. For the complete written directions, check out Crochet Dreams here. The pattern even includes how to crochet a coaster holder for your new set.

9. Boho Coasters

Boho is all the rage. The chic, laid back aesthetic has become infused into all kinds of home decor. These boho coasters do not disappoint- the fringe is the perfect touch for these playful coasters. For a sturdier coaster, use two strands of cotton aran yarn; the yarn can be the same color or different, depending on the look you wish to create. The project is crocheted in rounds until it reaches your desired diameter.

For The Frills provides you with an excellent written guide as well as a video tutorial for this crochet project.

10. Watermelon Coasters

Break out these nifty watermelon coasters for the summertime. Your crochet hook should be 3 mm-5 mm, depending on what you work with best. You'll also need a yarn needle and green, white, pink, and black cotton worsted yarn. DIY Ideas walks you through all the steps to complete this pattern in the video below:

11. Sunflower Coasters

Sunflowers have become such a strong symbol of cheerfulness. The bright yellow petals are something not soon to be forgotten. That's why these sunflower crochet coasters are sure to add some happiness wherever they are. To make these coasters, you'll need brown and yellow worsted cotton yarn, a 4.5 mm crochet hook, and a yarn needle.

This pattern consists of continuous rounds for the base of the sunflower, then you'll add two rounds of petals. Hooked On Patterns has a thorough written guide here.

12. Mug-Shaped Coasters

Why not place your mug on a mug-shaped coaster? Kitty's Kreations Boutique walks you through each step in completing this cute pattern in the video tutorial below. Before you get started, make sure you have worsted weight yarn in your favorite color (for the mug) and brown (for the "coffee"), a 5 mm crochet hook, and a tapestry needle.

13. Peppermint Coasters

Peppermints are a great reminder of the Christmas months (or any time you're feeling festive!). For this peppermint pattern, you'll need red and white yarn, a 6 mm crochet hook, and a yarn needle. For the full written tutorial, head over to The Purple Poncho.

14. Mug Rug Coasters

A mug rug is exactly what it sounds like- a rug for your mug. These trendy little coasters look fun and playful; they'll undoubtedly add a little spunk underneath your mug. To complete this pattern, you'll need recycled or cotton yarn, a 6.5 mm crochet hook, and a yarn needle. This pattern only requires the chain and half double crochet stitches. Simply Vintage Crochet put together a brief written tutorial that's easy to follow.

15. Snowflake Coasters

Mimic the wintertime snowfall with the help of these crochet snowflake coasters. You can use any color of cotton yarn for this pattern. The other items you'll need to complete this project are a 4 mm crochet hook and a yarn needle. Upon completion, each coaster will measure about 3.5 inches in diameter. Download the pattern at Yarnspirations for an easy-to-follow guide.

16. Heart Coasters

A heart shape is universally recognized as a symbol of love. These heart-shaped coasters make for great gifts and ways to show someone you care for them. To complete this pattern, you'll need your favorite color of worsted cotton yarn, a 4.5 mm crochet hook, and a tapestry needle. Crochessica walks you through each step in this heart coaster pattern in the video tutorial below. But if you prefer a written pattern, you can find it here.

17. Cactus Coasters

While real cacti may be prickly, these cute cactus coasters are far from that. They're adorable and make for the perfect tabletop companion. To make things extra simple for you, these coasters are worked in rounds. The tiny cacti spikes and pink flowers are added in after the body of the cactus has been shaped.

Sewrella crafted a thorough pattern to follow to make these coasters with ease. There's also an additional pattern for a coaster container. For these coasters, you'll need green, pink, and white cotton yarn, a 4.5 mm crochet hook, and a tapestry needle.

18. Mandala Coasters

Mandala patterns can be mesmerizing, and the coaster versions are no different. For this pattern, you can use up to four different colors of yarn. This pattern is worked in rounds, so each of the four rounds can be a different color. Along with the worsted cotton yarn, you'll need a 4.5 mm crochet hook and a yarn needle. Hooked On Patterns provides you with the full written tutorial here.

In Closing

We hope that you had fun discovering all kinds of beautiful crochet coaster patterns. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find the ideal one for your project in mind! These crochet coasters make for perfect gifts or for simply enjoying in your own home.

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