How Much Merino Wool Yarn Do You Need To Make A Blanket?

Merino wool yarn has a soft, luxurious texture that makes it a perfect yarn for creating a blanket. Because merino wool yarn is chunkier than traditional yarn, you might be wondering how much merino wool yarn, specifically, you will need to make a blanket. We've done the research to find this answer for you.

A standard-sized blanket requires 11-12 skeins or balls of yarn, which equals about 7 pounds of wool. 

Of course, different-sized blankets require different amounts of wool. There are also different types of merino wool, and there are differences in the amount you will need to create a blanket. We will discuss these differences, so you know exactly how much yarn you need for your project.

A merino wool balls in multicolour lying on white sofa with merino wool gray blanket with a wooden needles, How Much Merino Wool Yarn Do You Need To Make A Blanket?

Merino Wool Yarn Needed By Blanket Size

Baby Blanket

Baby clothes and shoes for newborn in pastel colors on pink merino wool blanket

A standard baby blanket measures about 20 inches by 28 inches. Because the size is a little smaller than a standard blanket, you will need less yarn to complete it. You can expect to use about 2 skeins or balls of yarn, totaling about 2 pounds. Of course, more skeins might be needed if you choose to create a colorful blanket instead of a solid-colored one.

Lap Blanket

Young woman sitting on the bed with pink giant merino wool plaid blanket with cup of cappuccino

Lap blankets typically measure 35 inches wide by 48 inches long, while some consider a lap blanket to be 30 inches wide by 50 inches long. They are not designed to cover the whole body but just lay across the lap to keep warm while sitting. So, the amount of wool yarn needed will be more than for a baby blanket but not quite as much as a full-sized blanket. You will need approximately 4 pounds of yarn to knit a lap blanket.

Standard Throw

Gray knitted blanket from merino wool on couch with pillows

A standard throw measures 40 inches by 60 inches. This is likely to most common blanket that you will knit. To knit a standard throw, you will use about 7 pounds of merino wool.

Queen Blanket

Merino wool blanket on bed with pillows in pastel colors

Knitted blankets do not just need to be throws and baby blankets. Because merino wool is so soft, it would make a comfortable blanket for a bed as well. A queen-sized blanket measures 50 inches by 70 inches. You can expect to use about 9 pounds of merino wool yarn to make this blanket.

King Blanket

Black cat on beautiful merino woolen plaid decorated bed and floor

A king-sized blanket measures 60 inches by 80 inches. A king-sized blanket uses significantly more merino wool yard at 13 pounds.

Of course, blanket sizes do not have to fit neatly into a standard measurement. Luckily, there is a standard formula that can be applied to determine how much wool yarn you need for blankets of any size.

First, you need to multiply the length of the blanket by the width of the blanket. Then, divide that number by 380. For example, if you multiply the length and the width of a blanket measuring 30 inches by 50 inches, you will get 1,500. After dividing that by 380, you get 3.95 pounds. You'll notice that this measurement is close to the amount of wool yarn recommended for a throw blanket.

Types Of Merino Wool Yarn

There are many kinds of merino wool yarn that can be used for knitting projects. Each of them has different weights, so how much yarn you will need for a blanket will vary based on yarn type.

Medium Fine Yarn

Medium merino wool yarn is likely the finest yarn that would be used to make a blanket. It is still soft enough to be comfortable but durable enough for regular use. It is also the most common weight used for a variety of projects. A standard skein is about 1.8 ounces or 82 yards.

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Chunky Yarn

Chunky yarn has a bulkier strand than fine yarn. A standard skein is about .5 pounds and is about 27 yards.

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Super Chunky Yarn

Super chunky yarn is the heaviest merino wool yarn with the largest strand. Because the yarn is so bulky, you will be able to get almost all of the yarn needed for a blanket in one very large skein.

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You can tell by the example images that the number of skeins or balls of yarn you will need for a blanket will vary drastically depending on the weight of yarn you purchase.

The weight of the yarn will also determine what knitting needles can be used for the blanket and how many stitches the blanket will have. Yarns of smaller weight will have smaller, more close-knit stitches, while chunkier yarns will have fewer, more spaced-out stitches.

How Much Super Chunky Merino Wool Yarn Do You Need To Make A Blanket?

HGTV estimates that you will need 340 feet of yarn to make a blanket that is 30 inches by 50 inches.

How Many Yards Of Chunky Yarn Do I Need For A Large Blanket?

A large blanket measures 40 inches by 60 inches. A blanket of this size requires 8 pounds or 640 feet of chunky yarn to complete.

How Many Balls Of Merino Wool Do You Need To Make A Blanket?

Giant merino woolen knitted blanket in pink mint yellow blue plaid

The number of balls of wool you will need to make a blanket will vary depending on how many colors you plan to include in the blanket. A blanket with few colors will need about 8 balls of merino wool, while a blanket with many colors can need up to 18 balls of wool.

How Much Does Merino Wool Yarn Cost?

Merino wool varies in cost depending on how it is made and colored. Commercial merino wool can cost as low as $10 per ball, while hand-dyed merino wool can cost up to $40 per ball.

Why Is Merino Wool Yarn So Expensive?

Merino wool yarn is more expensive than traditional yarn for a number of reasons. First, it takes a long time for merino wool to grow, making it less available than regular yarn.

Second, merino wool fibers are very small. This means that it takes more individual fibers to create the yarn. The requirement of more fibers combined with limited availability causes the cost to be higher than traditional yarn.


There are so many factors that go into determining how much yarn will be needed for a blanket project that it is difficult to provide exact numbers. However, now that you know the types of yarn available and how they differ in weight, length, and standard skein size, you will be better able to estimate how much yarn you need for your project.

As we discussed, merino wool yarn can very expensive but the end result is among the softest, most comfortable blankets you can create. Be sure to experiment with different sized blankets and yarns of different weights to find the combination that brings you the most comfort.

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