Can You Use Hot Glue On Glass? [And How To]

If your project involves gluing together or gluing onto glass, you are probably wondering what glue to use. You're likely wondering if hot glue is a viable option. For your convenience, we brought you the answer. 

You can use hot glue on glass. However, not all types of hot glue will work. For best results, you'll want to use a hot glue labeled specifically for glass or jewelry. 

Now, you know that some hot glues do work on glass, but which brands of glue should you be looking out for? Keep reading as we give you some examples of hot glues for glass and more. 

A collaged photo of a glue gun and glass sheets, Can You Use Hot Glue On Glass? [And How To]

What Is The Best Hot Glue To Use On Glass?

You'll find many types of glues in the crafting world and even more brands of glue to choose from. Before you select any glue, it is a good idea to do your research. Aspects you should consider when buying glue include:

  • Compatible materials
  • Drying times
  • Adhesive properties
  • Ability to withstand certain temperatures
  • Water tolerance

If you are gluing together a glass item that will be outside often, you probably want your glue to be waterproof and heat resistant. Additionally, an item that will have a lot of use, like a cup, should have glue with strong adhesive properties. 

Five glass panels on a table

Let's take a closer look at a few hot glues that are best to use with glass.

Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks

Gorilla hot glue sticks are strong and versatile. This hot glue is labeled to be used on surfaces like glass, metal, plastic, and wood. You can use this glue with either low or high temperatures. However, higher temperatures are recommended with glass. 

Additionally, Gorilla hot glue sticks are moisture and water resistant. This means this glue would be a great choice for indoor or outdoor projects you are working with. 

You can find Gorilla hot glue sticks here on Amazon.

Adtech Glue Sticks

Adtech is another reputable brand of hot glue for glass projects. Along with glass, these glue sticks are compatible with wood, foam, ceramic, paper, metal, and fabrics. 

The glue adheres to almost any surface within 30 seconds, giving you some of the fastest drying times as well as a strong bond. With no harsh chemicals and being acid-free, this glue is great for crafts and DIY projects. 

Amazon offers Adtech crystal clear glue sticks here.

Artellius Multicolored Glue Sticks

If you are looking to add some color with your glue, Artellius multicolored glue sticks are the way to go. This hot glue comes in 10 different colors and in large numbers, making this one of the most affordable hot glues. 

These sticks quickly dry and can bond to porous and nonporous materials, including glass. Additionally, Artellius hot glue sticks are made with food-grade resin, making them safe and nontoxic. 

Artellius multicolored glue sticks can be found here on Amazon.

Artellius All-Purpose Mini Glue Sticks

The Artellius brand also offers a non-colored option for hot glue—another option that works with both low and high temperature settings and comes in affordable, bulk packages. 

This hot glue option is made with a long-lasting formula, giving you durability as well as great flexibility. Furthermore, this company offers a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the product, making it a low-risk buy.

You can find Artellius all-purpose mini glue sticks here on Amazon.

Surebonder Clear Stik

The last brand of hot glue we will talk about is Surebonder Clear Stiks. This glue bonds to metals, glass, wood, paper, magnets, ceramics, and plastics. These glue sticks come in a clear color and have a drying time of 60-65 seconds. 

Surebonder creates all-purpose, all-temperature glue sticks that are compatible with just about any hot glue gun, making this glue great for all your crafting or project needs. 

Amazon offers Surebonder Clear Stiks here.

How To Use Hot Glue On Glass

A blue glue gun with glue stick on a table

Finding a hot glue that is compatible with glass is half the battle. Once you've found the right glue, you can start prepping your project. The first step is to prepare your glass surface. 

You want to ensure your glass surface is clean and free from debris. You can clean your surface using hot soap and water or vinegar. Once your surface is clean, you will want to dry it entirely. 

Furthermore, you can wear gloves during your cleaning process. This further prevents oils and dirt from getting onto your glass. 

Next, you can apply your glue. A little glue goes a long way, so be mindful of how much glue you are using. With glass, it is ideal to work with small pieces at a time, as hot glue starts to get cold and harden quickly on a glass surface. 

Oozing hot glue

Shortly after you apply your glue, you can apply your piece. With your joined pieces together, hold and press them together for about 30-60 seconds. Time may vary depending on what brand of glue you are using. 

Once your pieces are glued securely together, inspect the sides for excess glue spilling out. Excess glue can then be removed with a razor or crafting knife as needed. 

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How Long Does It Take For Hot Glue To Dry On Glass?

Applying hot glue on wood

The drying times of hot glue vary from brand to brand. However, there are some good rules of thumb to follow when waiting for hot glue to dry on glass surfaces. 

While many hot glues will dry in a matter of minutes, you do want to wait for the glue to completely cure before putting any stress on your project. Allow your hot glue to cure over a 24-hour period. 

After this time, you can test your glued pieces for strength and test their bond. If you have the time, you can extend this wait time to 48 hours, allowing even more time for your glue to cure and create a strong bond. 

Touching your glue or glued pieces too early may introduce dirt or debris into your glue, weakening the bond. Additionally, touching your glue directly after application runs the risk of leaving you with burnt fingers. 

Unlike other glues, curing hot glue onto glass does not require the use of clamps. 

Will Hot Glue Peel Off Glass?

Oozing hot glue from a glue gun

If you are using a hot glue labeled for glass, it will not peel off easily. The structure of these glues, made for nonporous surfaces, has been made to spread and cure quickly. This leaves you with a strong bond that won't come apart easily. 

While hot glue won't peel from glass easily, there are ways to intervene in the case that you need to rid your glass of hot glue. Part of this intervention is using liquid agents to break down or weaken the bond of the glue. 

In most cases, isopropyl alcohol can break down the chemical composition of hot glue. After an application of alcohol, your glue bond will likely peel or scrub off. 

Additionally, there is a risk that hot glue will peel off glass surfaces that haven't been prepared correctly. For example, hot glue laid over a dusty glass surface will bond for just a short time before starting to peel. 

Is There A Super Glue That Works Well On Glass?

Do you have other types of glue lying around in your craft corner? You might be wondering what other types of glue you could utilize with a glass project. Super glue is another great option for glass projects. 

Just like hot glue, you'll want to do your research on super glues to find which type is the best for adhering to glass. Many brands are labeled to be compatible with glass. 

Additionally, many glass labeled super glues offer waterproof, strong bonds. One drawback to using super glue over hot glue is that super glue lacks the flexibility that many hot glues offer. 

Using super glue to adhere glass items is best for projects that won't be handled or bear weight in the future. 

In Closing

A collaged photo of a glue gun and glass sheets

Hot glue can be used on glass. After you find the appropriate glue for your project, the steps to use it are simple. We hope you found this article helpful when using hot glue on glass. 

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