Can You Put Glitter In Candles [Pros And Cons]

There's nothing quite like the warm glow of a candle's soft light. However, you may be curious about whether you can add to a candle's charm by adding a bit of glitter. We researched more about using glitter for candles and safety tips.

Regular craft glitter made from highly flammable plastic should not be used for candles. Not to worry, there are ways to add shimmer to candles without fear of toxic fumes or an increased risk of a fire. Never leave candles unattended.

You can successfully add sparkle and shine to candles. Make sure to use glitter made from one of the following substances and that it is safe to add to candles. 

  • Mica powder or cosmetic glitter
  • Finely ground glass or crystal glitter

Enhancing candles with glitter is an exciting craft activity. Read on to learn about safely adding a touch of glamour and mystery to candles with glitter and potential hazards.

Three different candles coated in glitter, Can You Put Glitter In Candles [Pros And Cons]

Glitter And Candles: Do They Even Mix?

Take caution before you excitedly dump craft or polyester glitter into your candle or cover the outside with sparkling bits. Most popular products are plastic, highly flammable, and may release toxic fumes when burning.

Three tall candles coated with glitter on a pink background

Instead, if you want to add some shine and sparkle to candles, look for safer options that are non-toxic, resistant to catching on fire, and look fabulous.

What Kind Of Glitter Do You Use For Candles?

Consider adding glitter if you want to add an extra layer of shine and drama to your candles. A few different types of glitter are popular for adding to candle wax, gel, or the outside layer of a candle.

When choosing a glitter, it is wise to select an option that is non-toxic, not highly flammable, and, if possible, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Luckily, specific types of glitter are manufactured for safe use in candles.

1. Mica Powder

Mica is a natural mineral found in rocks that is useful for cosmetic applications, automotive and electronic products and creates a luster and sheen. When used for crafts or cosmetics, mica powder is a natural glitter.

Because the powder is very fine, it has a lower chance of catching on fire when used for making sparkling candles. However, when using any type of glitter in candles, there is a potential risk of a fire or possible danger. Take caution.


  • One of the most flame-retardant options for candles
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Easy to apply to interior and exterior of candles


  • Not a true glitter but adds plenty of shine

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2. Cosmetic Glitter

Cosmetic glitter is popular in body art and creative makeup and is skin safe. Since cosmetic glitter is usually non-toxic and ultra-fine, it may be safely applied to candles because it is less flammable than plastic types.

A little bit goes a long way to create a delightful twinkling candle with cosmetic glitter. You can even amp the drama for your candle by mixing different colors and brands of cosmetic glitter for visual interest.


  • Usually made from non-toxic skin safe materials
  • Wide range of colors
  • Ultra-fine rounded pieces that apply easily to candles


  • Not explicitly designed for candles but if ultra-fine, should be safe and low-flammability

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3. Fine Powdered Glass And Crystal

Very fine powdered glass creates a flame-resistant glitter with plenty of shine. Note, this is not the most popular choice for a candle, compared to using mica, plant-based products, or cosmetic glitter, but it works well enough.

A fine glass or crystal glitter is better suited for adding to the top or bottom of a candle and not for mixing directly into the candle wax or gel itself.


  • Non-toxic and resistant to flames
  • It has lots of shine and comes in a variety of colors
  • Works best for decorating the upper or lower part of a candle's exterior


  • Not the best product to mix easily into candle wax or gel

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A Note About Plastic Glitter

Plastic glitters are readily available at most craft stores but should not be added to candles, even on the outside surface. Popular products made from plastics or polymers give off toxic fumes when burned and may pose a fire hazard.

There is also a serious environmental problem posed by plastics and inclusion in products. As plastic breaks down, it releases microplastics into the water system and contaminates soil, harming animals, vegetation, and human life.

There are safer options for glitter and decorating candles. Consider applying glass, mica powder, or plant-based products to create beautiful, scintillating candles.

Is Glitter Flammable In Candles?

Candles coated in glitter in the dark

It is still risky even when finely ground and less likely to pose a fire hazard when adding glitter to candles. To reduce the chances of problems, it is best to avoid flammable plastic, paper, or metal products that may emit fumes.

Choose a glitter that is less likely to erupt in flames. And, avoid glitter that is chunky, large in size, or difficult to blend. If possible, only add a small amount of glitter to candle wax or gel, or add fine particles to the top or bottom of a candle.

How To Decorate A Candle With Glitter?

There are more than a few methods to decorate a candle with glitter. You can add glitter directly to your candle wax or gel when pouring it into a mold. You can also use tape or glue to get the glitter to adhere to the outside of your candle too.

Another crafty method to get glitter to coat a candle is to roll a slightly heated candle in a pile of sparkles. If you run a heat gun over a candle and quickly press it into glitter, the shimmering substance will stick and meld with the wax.

If you are feeling stumped about which method to use to decorate your candle with glitter, and adding glitter to a candle holder or in specific areas isn't satisfying, check out the following demos to get started.

Making Mica Candles

Make A Glitter Candle

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How Do You Get Glitter To Stick To A Candle?

You can successfully get glitter to stick to a candle by adding a layer of double-sided tape to the outside, removing the tape, and then rolling it in sparkles. Another option is to heat the candle's surface and roll it in glitter.

If you are making candles as a craft, you can add a dusting of glitter to any mold or container you are pouring your wax or gel into. Lastly, you can add a bit of decoupage glue to the exterior of a candle and coat it with shimmering particles. 

Choose your method of adding sparkles to a candle and gradually add the shimmering substance until you get the desired look for your candle. If glue is too much, try a sticky alternative or press glitter into the surface of the candle.

Can You Add Glitter To Homemade Candles?

Three candles coated in glitter on a red background

Most common glitters have a low burn point and may burn sporadically when introduced to a soft candle flame. If you choose a safer glitter made from crushed glass, crystal, or mica powder, it can be safely introduced to candles.

Wait until your wax has cooled enough to be safely poured into molds before adding glitter and blending it in gently. When using mica powder, use a pinch for shine. Dust your molds with glitter before pouring or brushing onto the candle.

If you want to add glitter to homemade candles after they have set, roll it in glue and apply the sparkling substance. Or, you can attach glitter to the tops or bottoms of a candle using decoupage glue or tape, or roll a warmed candle in glitter.

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In Conclusion

We hope you feel more comfortable about adding glitter to candles safely. There are many types of glitter options that are non-toxic and can be added to wax or gel candles without a problem. Make sure to watch all candles when burning.

Adding glitter to your candle makes it look more attractive as the flame's light reflects on the shimmering particles. Consider enhancing your homemade candles with the addition of glitter for a unique glowing piece of decor.

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