What Is The Best Paper To Make Flowers? [4 Suggestions]

Are you making paper flowers for a project? You may be wondering what kind of paper is the best to use to make the flowers.  There are several types of crafting papers that can be used, and we've found all of the best types to provide for you here.

The best papers for making flowers are -

  • Crepe
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Construction paper
  • Origami paper

Any of these could be made into a flower to use for decorating. Some craft papers come in different colors, textures, and designs. There are also different stretches, thicknesses, and sizes to the types of paper.

There are so many options for each of these types of paper! So, please keep reading if you want to select the best type for your flowers. Below we've gathered all the details for each type of paper, including how to use them and how to make flowers, specifically.

Colourful handmade paper flowers on pink background, What Is The Best Paper To Make Flowers? [4 Suggestions]

The Best Paper for Making Flowers

Crepe Paper

Hand made paper peonies flowers using crepe paper

There are many types of crepe paper that you can use in crafting. One of the cheapest and easiest to find is Chinese crepe paper. However, this paper usually comes in more neon colors than natural floral tones. It is also not very stretchy. US crepe paper is great because it is non-toxic. This paper does have more stretch than the Chinese crepe paper but not as much as the European crepe. Italian crepe paper is one of the best types. It usually comes in 160 and 180-gram varieties. This allows for a decent amount of stretch within the paper.

The stretch is important for manipulating the paper to form the petals or stems of the flowers. Crepe paper sometimes has adhesive in it as well. This helps create wrinkles in the petals or leaves and allows them a bit more adhesive to be connected.

Crepe papers come in a wide range of colors and widths. You can find it in craft stores, party supply stores, and even online. You can buy crepe paper in sheets as well, specifically for flower making. These are usually a 20-inch width. This type of flower making is very simple and only requires your hands and maybe scissors to cut scallops or individual petals if you would like. Extra crafting glue may be used as well to ensure that the flower stays together.

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Here is an awesome video showing you how to make beautiful flowers with crepe paper on YouTube:

Scrapbooking Paper

Handmade paper flowers using scrapbooking paper

Scrapbooking paper is a great idea when making flowers. It holds shape well and is thicker. These flowers will hold up longer if being moved around the home. Many scrapbooking papers also have designs on the paper or come in a wide array of colors and textures. You can buy separate sheets of paper or buy a bulk pack. These are available online, in craft stores, or in other large retailers.

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You can also find flower templates online or even create your own. You just need some scissors, the color or design of scrapbooking paper you want to use, and some glue. You can also buy metal stems for the flower.

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Construction Paper

Female creating a beautiful paper flower at her workstation using pink construction paper

Construction paper is a lot like using scrapbooking paper. However, it tends to be a little thinner than the scrapbooking paper. It usually comes in solid colors without designs or textures. Construction paper is also a lot cheaper than scrapbooking paper.

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There are numerous ways to create flowers using construction paper. The easiest is to make one, two, and three-inch squares out of the sheets of paper. Fold each one in half and cut the top into a curve. This creates a petal. You can just continually glue these different sized petals onto one another. Start with the smaller one-inch petal and end with the three-inch petals. All you need is construction paper, scissors, and glue for these flowers.

Here is a great tutorial on YouTube; it shows step by step how to create flowers from construction paper:

Origami Paper

Pink paper origami flower on white background

Origami, in itself, is the art of folding paper into different objects. It originated in Japanese culture. Flowers can be made with origami paper too. In the art of origami, you do not need to cut or glue the paper. All you need are your hands and the paper itself. It does take some time and practice, but beautiful pieces can be made from paper. Origami paper, like scrapbooking paper, can come in different colors and designs. You can find this at craft stores or online.

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Watch an easy video on how to create an origami lotus flower below.

What Supplies Do You Need To Make Paper Flowers?

Depending on the type of paper being used, you will need scissors, hot glue or craft glue, and possibly a pencil to use for tracing. You may also want to use a template to trace out your petals and leaves. If you would like to add stems, they can be purchased below.

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How Long Does It Take To Make A Paper Flower?

It really depends on the size of the flower and what is involved in making it. If you are doing a regular construction paper flower, it could take five to ten minutes—factor in cutting and gluing when trying to estimate. To make a giant paper flower, it will take about 15-minutes. Origami flowers may take more time, simply because you need instruction if you have not done them before. Once you do them enough, it will become second nature and could only take a few minutes.

How Do You Make A Paper Flower?

It might be best to start simple, like the flower-making process featured below.

For this flower, you'll need:

  • 7-cm square sized paper -various colors
  • scissors
  • marker
  • hole punch
  • glue

Fold the paper diagonally to form a triangle shape; do this three times. Next, hold the triangular-shaped piece by the folded edge and use scissors to cut away two corners forming a rounded side. When you open the fold, the paper will look like a heart. Cut the heart halfway down the center, and unfold the paper. How cool is that?! A flower emerges -and it only took a few minutes!

In Closing

You can make flowers out of all kinds of paper. Origami paper is widely used but can take time to learn how to fold correctly. Scrapbooking paper is thicker, and the flowers will last longer; you can easily use a template to create a flower on this paper. You can also use regular construction paper, which is cheaper and easy for children. Last but not least, you can use crepe paper to make realistic looking flowers. Whatever type of paper you use, you will have beautiful flowers to last a lifetime!

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